Do you know what happens in Portorož next week?

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Yesterday, we printed several kilos of paper; today, we stocked a lot of post-its; and tomorrow we will buy some Dutch dropjes. With these super useful handouts, tools and souvenirs we are ready to go off to Portorož. We (Kirste and Suzanne) will fly to Slovenia on Sunday morning to be able to join researchers and practitioners in the field of learning on the EAPRIL-conference.

Paper on the learning potential of impact studies

On Monday November 12th, we will have a presentation on the paper on the learning potential of impact studies. For this paper we conducted a review of 17 impact studies that we executed in 11 organizations using the Success Case Method. We made an analysis of the generative moments that took place during the evaluation studies. We were interested in the learning potential of the research process itself. 
Our findings are really interesting: we found proof that the process itself has learning potential. Our topic has been selected as one of the spotlight sessions. This means that we will get some extra time. For us this is an opportunity to work a bit longer with our participants and to introduce the Success Case Method to them and hear their reflections. We will share the interview with Brinkerhoff as well. If you are curious to read more, have a look at the article we wrote based on the two interviews with Robert Brinkerhoff

Roundtable on FCE Study: ‘How to scale up innovation'

On Tuesday November 13th we will host a roundable session on the FCE Study. Again, this is a spotlight session. This means that we have the time to share how we work on this investigation, and ask for input and reflections from the participants. The aim of this project is to learn more about how small breakthroughs scale up to widespread innovation. The last months we conducted a literature review and developed a conceptual framework. We have now started our data collection: we are interviewing people who are working on growing movements. If you are curious to read more, then have a look at this roundtable handout and this text in Dutch on innovation as a movement.