Focusing on energy
and strengths

Work happiness & well-being

How do we strengthen employee engagement?

Do we make full uses of everyone’s talents?

As an employer, how do we pay attention to vitality and health?

Can our way of conducting performance reviews be more effective?

How do we create space and peace of mind when the (work) pressure is high?


We know that happiness at work contributes to innovation and results. An organisation flourishes when its people flourish. Engagement is a catalyst for good performance. The question is: how can this be achieved? How do you create a positive working climate, in which people are energised? How can people stay mentally and physically fit in times of an increasing workload? And what is the employer's role in this regard? Belgium has a programme for work happiness, ratified by law. In other countries this is not (yet) the case, but organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in well-being. Kessels & Smit helps you to realise these ambitions.


Working from strengths

Work happiness and job satisfaction stem from knowing that you are making a meaningful contribution, and from having the opportunity to use your own talents at work. But someone’s natural strengths and their skills are not always the same, and not everyone is aware of their own core qualities. With our interventions we help people to get to know their own and other people's talents. What energises you? When do you work in flow? And how can you use these strengths even more? To do your job better, to be more satisfied at work, or to find an effective new approach to a task that you need to improve on. We call that job crafting.


Other conversations

Working from talent and being aware of people’s energy requires different conversations. Dialogues that are inquiring and goal-oriented at the same time. That strengthen both the connection and individual ownership. How do you talk to each other in your organisation? At the formal moments, such as a performance review or meeting. And in the hallways or during lunch. Do you appeal to each other's talents, even where performance is still lagging behind? Do you look at what is already working? Or do you mainly focus on what is missing and what needs to be improved? With the help of simple interventions, you can change the performance reviews from a ‘tick-the-box’ to an energising moment, where performance and talent are really addressed. We help managers and teams with tools and conversation techniques in this regard. Simple. And effective.


Healthy and fit

Stress and fatigue seem to be part of organisational life these days. Burnouts occur at an increasingly younger age. No wonder organisations are asking themselves what they can do to keep a healthy staff. What is the employer's role in this? And what about the employees themselves? How do you build a vital way of working together in which it is normal to discuss the work pressure in a constructive manner? But a mindfulness course or fresh fruit in the workplace may also be part of the way forward. Together with organisations and their people, Kessels & Smit explores what is needed to be and stay physically and mentally fit. And we find that this search process alone can lead to an improvement. Attention makes a difference.


At the steering wheel

Working pressure is not always bad, just as happiness at work is not always necessary. Life - and therefore work - has light and dark times. Our interventions are about balance. And above all, about the ability to direct and take initiative. We are focused on ensuring that as an organisation, manager and employee have everything they need to monitor the energy balance for yourself. Together.

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