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Helena Wiemer


dit profiel is niet in het nederlands beschikbaar

Create new perspectives and unusual connections


Helena Wiemer has been working with Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company in Germany since 2015. She is enthusiastic about taking an inquiring approach to consulting: pose concrete questions, listen accurately and find out what is driving people. It is important to her to identify the core of an issue and thereby to bring clarity into complex coherencies. In this, she is driven by her curiosity.


She got started with K&S through a research project that detailed the correlation between mistake culture and innovation in companies. Her intensive analysis of this topic convinced her that conditions, in which experimenting, trial and error and learning are possible, are a strong base for more productivity, ease and joy.


Helena Wiemer is fascinated by the variety of qualities and talents people bring with them. This is why she is committed to laying the focus more on the talents that people bring to the workplace and work on the development of these talents. She has seen that a talent based approach to work and finding a common language about talents leads to more empathy, a more pleasant work environment and ultimately to more productivity and better results.


The wish to create new perspectives and unusual connections is a driving force of her work.

Helena Wiemer studied Cultural Science and Management at the University of Hagen. At the same time she has been an executive Shareholder of the Cafe-Roller since 2010. This jointly led company is present with mobile coffee bars in the inner city of Bonn and internationally on events. She advanced the company in the last 7 years and is working with a team of more than 40 employees.  In her capacity as Manager of this business, it is her desire to create spaces where people can meet and share ideas, so that development and change are possible.


She finds dealing with diverse subject matters and operating in varied contexts invigorating and productive.