Sofie Hendrikx


Quieten down, loosen up and continue with energy

The leitmotif in my work is the formation of relationships, trust and the creation of moments of stillness and reflection. Seeking stillness is not very common - it can even sound rather unusual in an environment in which action, change and movement predominate. But I know, also from my own experience, how important 'exercises in attention and reflection' are.

My background is communication management. I have worked in advertising agencies, supported creative teams and participated in campaigns on brand strategy. It's great to work together in flow in a team and get the most out of ideas and unorthodox solutions. But I have also experienced the pressure of having to produce continuously at high speed, of having to be available 24/7, of far-reaching and thorough servicing and of the focus on turnover and profit.
I also see this in others, in organisations. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often has an exhausting effect, often resulting in burnout. Moments of stillness are needed to get away from the mental, the rational, the maelstrom of thoughts and events. I offer people the opportunity to reflect attentively on what is happening, within themselves and in the interaction with others. Then there is room to ask questions such as: "Can I be myself here or do I lose myself? What is needed to derive (new) meaning from this work?" I bring in new perspectives, investigate together with the person or the team how we can bring creativity into projects so that different, new energy is created.
Everything that has to do with process guidance comes to me in a very natural way. I do this in one-on-one coaching, for example around career guidance, reducing stress and workload or preventing burnout. I also coach teams and support managers on the shop floor with their skills in appreciative coaching and investigate what is really going on with their employees.
I have a special interest in the physical, someone's presentation and presentation. "Stand up. What do you radiate? What are you cramped? Try to relax, shoulders down, feet on the ground." I always integrate my expertise in the field of communication and yoga in my coaching. I want to do that more and more, because it works. Because it brings back the beauty in people, teams and organisations. Often there is already one and all we have to do is highlight it, appreciating it by looking at what is already there.


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