Luc Verheijen


To change the organization: change the conversations

Words create worlds is a quote I learned from David Cooperrider. With three words it indicates that the worlds in which we work and live are created by our stories. By the way in which we together give meaning to what we experience, and what we assume to be 'true'. It is my deep wish that people feel space to take ownership and responsibility for the story they write together.

It has become increasingly clear to me over the years that I am good at creating that space. By questioning self-evidences, by facilitating conversations that matter, by asking questions that make a new perspective possible. The moment that people can exchange the undesirable past for their desired future, creativity starts to flow.

Appreciative Inquiry is an important source of inspiration for me. The collaboration with David Cooperrider and Ron Fry of Case Western Reserve University, among others, is a privilege. We have developed the appreciative inquiry approach in partnership and translated it into the European context. It led to several publications, the organization of the World AI Conference, and learning networks on Appreciative Inquiry.

Finally, I like to combine the energy of different roles: entrepreneur, consultant, author, board member, teacher. And of course husband and father.



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