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New challenges require alternative forms of support

How do you find your way in the abundance of opportunities and possibilities that present themselves? How do you let people take ownership for their own development? How do you get individuals, teams and organisations involved in the transition to a different way of learning, working (together) and doing business?

Such processes of change are complex and complicated. I find them exciting and challenging! But where to start? Would there be a recipe for an optimal impact? New challenges require alternative forms of support. As an organisation consultant, process facilitator and coach, I like to help you in your inquiry. Tailored to your team, organisation or company. Step by step, talk after talk.


Focus and structure ensure impact

Every collaboration starts with an intake moment where we try to get a clear picture of what it's really about. Because it is precisely by applying focus that we will succeed in designing working approaches and taking impactful steps. I offer language and insights that help us to see structure in the complexity. It is precisely this structure that provides the necessary security for meaningful conversations about what matters at that moment.

More job satisfaction by making employees more aware of their strengths. Achieving a new and supported organisational structure through co-creation with all those involved. Achieving more impact in the organisation through a better understanding of one's own role. …

Breaking through everyday life

I believe that change happens by going in and out. Sometimes literally. By breaking through the everyday, new insights, perspectives and relationships between people are created. I also like to take you to unusual contexts, in the city or in nature. Because it is this new and inspiring context that makes it possible to create space for the unexpected, to try something else, to do something you did not dare to do before or to name the difficult thing. Humour, play and movement are indispensable in this process.

With both feet in the world

I facilitate in Dutch (my mother tongue) as well as in French and English. As a native of Brussels and a member of a generation that is permanently connected to the world around me, I like to come in multicultural and international contexts. It is precisely by being in the middle of this hybrid and complex world that I can further develop my craftsmanship. And I like to bring this world into your organisation or company.

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