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Experimenting, reinventing the wheel and talking with friends

Door: Suzanne Verdonschot web 111976674546 Suzanne Verdonschot - ; Bron: Verdonschot, S.G.M. (2012). Experimenting, reinventing the wheel and talking with friends. In: Langeler, T. (Ed.), Innopreneur, 101 chronicles on how circumstance, preparation and brilliance advance innovation. (pp. 223-225).   01-04-2012

"Innopreneur: 101 Chronicles on How Circumstance, Preparation and Brilliance Advance Innovation" is a collection of short and inspirational views from multinational executives, political leaders, renowned professors, and in-the-trenches professionals on what it takes to become a successful innovator in daily life. Contributions come from e.g. Jan Peter Balkenende, Ton Langeler, Henk Volberda, Paul Keursten and Suzanne Verdonschot. 


What does it really take to deliver new products and services? This book wants to inform and inspire with short and fresh articles on the reflection, action and reassessment that is at the heart of effective innovation en entrepreneurship. For more information, to order the book or read one of the 101 articles online, please visit: www.innopreneur.org


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