Remko van Oijen


Doing what is necessary to achieve results

Organisations can get much more out of themselves. It always fascinates me what is created and lost in the interaction between people. In essence, that's what my work is about: letting more come into being, less go to waste. Don't let yourself be guided by conventions and general agreements, but make real contact in teams and organisations with what someone stands for and what he or she is capable of.

Discover through sharpness and lightness which interaction is powerful

Put me in front of a group and something happens - with the group and with me. That 'something' is the creation of space, security, sharpness. Discover which interaction is powerful. Together we release the desire for a new collaboration. We make it personal. Find the connection between personal development and organisational development. That works best when I can use my energy, technique, humour and observation skills to the full. And by connecting me to what a group stands for. There is room for creativity, but also for addressing. I can grab people by the lace mercilessly, while maintaining safety. This makes the process more beautiful than you would predict in advance. Of course there is a design for a meeting, but in the moment often the best intervention arises.

My work as an interim manager, project leader and programme director at the national government has left me with a fascination for management and leadership. I sometimes find it unimaginable what managers expect of themselves and what is expected of them. And above all, what impersonal and inefficient interaction that leads to. I love to see what happens when people dare to be open about their strength and their inability. Which means that managers make more of a difference.

If you start with the structure, you have to make up the passion
Margret Wheatly


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