Ilan Siebert


I believe

The way humans interact with each other and work together is dramatically changing. This is not just true for our democracy but also for teams and organizations in every industry. Pragmatism and individual responsibility are two of the main values making things work also within our times of digitalization and simultaneous complexity. 


I love to challenge people and teams to stand up for what they believe in. The result? Experiments, conflicts and joy. People work towards innovation and effectiveness if the environment supports their sincerity. Then passion, talent and knowledge will not only lead to more happiness at work but also to better results and more so called “disruptive innovation”. 


My Projects

In my work as an organizational consultant, I worked with small businesses with 15 people on improving their meeting culture as well as with business units of 120 people in a pharmaceutical multinational and their participative restructuring process. Customers and colleagues value me for my flexibility, creativity and humor as well as for my knowledge about tools and methods. I design projects and work in German, English and Dutch. 


My path

Do you co-create a future you want to live in is one of my guiding questions. As a person who believes in the capabilities of individuals I decided to study business administration with a focus on entrepreneurial behavior, joined a year of knowmads alternative business school in Amsterdam, worked with a tech start-up in the Hague and studied futures studies in Berlin while working as a consultant.


I also consider myself a democracy activist. Like in organizations, we have the responsibility to not just act in our current (democratic) system but also take responsibility for its future design. Therefore, I initiated the association Demokratie Innovation e. V.  in 2017 - we work on the project Es geht LOS to institutionalize sortition-based citizens assemblies.


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