Kessels & Smit is organised as a network of independent consultants.  We are not free-lancers: we are fully committed to Kessels & Smit. But each professional has his or her personal consultancy practice within the broader Kessels & Smit network. We don’t have job descriptions, vacancies or an HR department. When we grow, it is always in an organic way: we meet new network partners through our work and personal connections.


We base our cooperation on the following principles:

  • Mutual attractiveness: partners choose to work together and each invests in the working relationship;
  • Personal responsibility and entrepeneurship: everyone cares not only for their personal wellbeing, but also for the welfare of the whole and we make room for everyones growth;
  • Personal passion is the basis for work: people are at their best when doing what they really feel is important;
  • Learning and innovation are part of one’s work: experimenting in daily practice is a powerful way of creating effective interventions and to continu growing as a professional at the same time.


Because we value the power of entrepeneurship and we want to provide opportunities for new initiatives to grow, new companies-in-the-network emerge: groups of colleagues who join around a specific focus. Currently you find:

Research Practice

The Research Practice is a group of K&S professionals that use (action) research as a tool or intervention for enhancing development of individuals, groups or organisations. They involve respondents in the research, in a participatory manner, because doing the research is the best way of learning. Appreciative Inquiry principles are a main inspiration for the methodology. (website in Dutch only)

Development Centers

The Development Center is a tried and proven chain of powerful interventions for promoting learning of individuals and therefore fostering the development of the organisation as a whole. In a Development Center learners work and learn in realisting work settings, over the course of an entire day. Personal experience, hands on feedback and learning by experimenting are powerful elements of a Development Center. This K&S company specializes in this type of intervention. (website in Dutch only)