Paul Buhrs


Looking to achieve results and create movement

I began my career in various management positions with Amsterdam Police and NS Dutch Railways. Here, I experimented with leadership and discovering other people’s qualities. My next step was a role as consultant/senior manager at KPMG. I have been working at Kessels & Smit since 2001, and I continue to benefit from the combination of managerial and professional experience.


In my current work I look at systems in a development- and learning-oriented way. This delivers innovation on several levels: an innovative learning programme for example not only ensures good learning results, but also affects people’s perspective on learning. I enjoy being involved in innovations and take them a few steps further. I always fit in with the organisation’s current situation. My main input is the making of connections: by creating an overview and by linking the perspectives of management to those of development, and linking concepts to practice.

Important - in my view of learning - is that people take on their own responsibility, and also that learning happens only if you both reflect and experiment. That’s why I work above all in the here and now, making experiences tangible by reflecting on the day’s events so that things can be tackled differently next time. It’s about obtaining results while at the same time getting movement underway. This combination delivers sustainable improvement.


I see many opportunities in our field of expertise. By combining consultancy with entrepeneurship, I see chances for bringing ideas to life. I’m currently involved in setting-up K&S Development Centres. And in the future, I want to expand on this, making the most of my combined management and consultancy background.


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